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100 point GDL


Before you sip, take a moment to observe the wine’s color, what happens when you swirl it around in the glass (its viscosity) and how the color changes when held up to light. 


Take a few whiffs of the wine. What aromas immediately hit you? It can be frustrating to try to separate out just one or two, so instead think about the layers. There are the fruit notes first and then flavors that come from barrel aging like baking spices or tobacco. Try to name at least one for each layer. 


Take a mouthful of the wine and swish it around. Ask yourself, what does it feel like on your tongue? Is it smooth? Does it make your mouth pucker? Or is it a combination of a few different sensations? Then move on to the actual taste. What flavors are immediately perceptible and which are barely there? Does it taste like it smells?


Now is your chance to do deeper into all aspects of the wine. Go back over your notes and try to piece together your overall impression of it and make your guess as to the AVA, varietal and vintage. If you disliked it, try to figure out why, and if you loved it, question what characteristics made it so.

3 bottles and 2 glasses