Vintage 2014
Wine Type Red
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Region Rutherford
Winemaker Trevor Durling
Beaulieu Vineyard Reserve wines are handcrafted from the finest grapes of the vintage, focusing on our  premier  estates  in  Rutherford,  Carneros  and  other  Napa  Valley  appellations.  For  more  than  100  years,  BV  has  set  the  benchmark  for  rich,  classic  Napa  Valley  wines.  Our  legacy  honors  the  marriage  between  state-of-the-art  technology  and  gentle,  traditional  winemaking  methods,  a  combination that enhances the expression of our remarkable vineyard terroir.

In 1900, when Georges de Latour’s wife, Fernande, first laid eyes on the land that would become their  original  Rutherford  vineyard,  she  exclaimed,  “quel  beau  lieu,”  or  “what  a  beautiful  place.”  Following  her  husband’s  death  in  1940,  Madame  de  Latour  took  over  management  of  the  vineyards and winery for nearly thirty years. With a head for business, an exceptional palate for fine wines, and a passion for elegant entertaining, Madame de Latour set the standard for generations to come. This structured yet graceful red blend honors our extraordinary matriarch.

93 Points, James Suckling

“This is a big and juicy wine with a flinty, toasted-oak and blackberry character. Full and very powerful. This is a little old-school but should be more transparent with age. This is the first year of this wine, honoring the legacy of the widow of owner Georges de Latour. Tasting room only. Magnum only. Try in 2022.” - James Suckling

Tasting Notes

Only  crafted  in  exceptional  years,  this  inaugural  2014  vintage  of  the  Madame  de  Latour  Cabernet  Sauvignon  expresses  a  beautiful  fresh  fruit  character  and  a  rich,  rounded  style.  With  finesse  and  elegance,  the  wine  reveals  a  perfumed  nose  of  violets  and  red  rose  petal,  alongside  blackberry,  currant,  cassis  and  hints  of  star  anise,  cinnamon  and  clove.  On  the  palate,  a  kaleidoscope  of  red  fruits  emerges  with  dark  raspberry,  cherry  and  plum,  followed  by  rum  raisin  and  mocha.  The  mouthfeel is seductive with velvety tannins interwoven with fresh acidity adding layers of complexity and balance. Well integrated notes of vanilla and toasted oak spices, from aging in new French oak barrels,  heighten  the  aromas  and  linger  on  the  finish.  To  enjoy  this  wine  at  its  full  potential,  we  recommend at least five years of bottle ageing; however if you can’t wait, decant before serving.

Vineyard Notes

We  hand  selected  grapes  from  the  finest  Cabernet  Sauvignon  vines  on  the  western  bench  of  the  Rutherford  AVA  in  our  iconic  BV  Ranches  No.  1  and  No.  2,  originally  planted  by  Georges  de  Latour in the early 1900s. We focused on clonal selections (6, 4, 169, 5197 and 7), which yield small berries with the high skin-to-juice ratio needed to make intense, long-lived wines. The fruit was handpicked and optically sorted once it arrived at the winery to ensure the highest quality selection. These chosen vines are deeply rooted in the well-draining alluvial fan soils of Rutherford, considered one of the finest regions of Napa Valley for Cabernet Sauvignon.

Winemaking Notes

Crafted at our state-of-the-art winery, dedicated exclusively to the Georges de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, the Madame de Latour is fermented in a combination of 55% new French oak barrels  which  provides  early  integration  of  fruit  and  oak  character  to  the  blend  and  enhances  the  dense,  rich  texture.  The  balance  of  the  must  was  fermented  in  stainless  steel  and  upright  wood  fermenters which preserves the freshness of the fruit. Following judicious extended skin contact and in-barrel malolactic fermentation, the wine was pressed and returned to barrels for ageing. A very small  amount  of  Petit  Verdot  was  blended  with  the  Cabernet  Sauvignon  to  further  enhance  the  wine’s aroma and flavor profile.

Vintage Note

Dry, early and shaking is how 2014 will be remembered in Napa Valley, yet it had a silver lining with  small,  concentrated  grapes  and  high  quality.  February’s  rains  brought  the  total  rainfall  up  to  “low,  but  adequate”,  helping  to  relieve  three  years  of  drought  conditions.  Warm  temperatures  promoted  early  budbreak  in  spring  and  accelerated  grape  maturation.  Just  as  harvest  began,  a  dramatic 6.0 earthquake shook Napa Valley awake on August 24. We finished the very compact, plentiful harvest by mid-October with beautifully ripened grapes.